Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Morning to Mourning In America

You have to be a certain age to remember what it was like. After Viet Nam, after the upheaval of the sixties, after the scandal of Nixon resigning--we as a country had lost faith in ourselves.

Our Teflon President, Trouble Just Slid Right Away From Him

When Reagan was elected so many people thought that it was a disaster. That WWIII was almost inevitable. That didn't happen. In the hubris of history, he was President at a time when the world was ripe for peace. He ended up presiding over the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Although I think a lot of it was just timing, he still deserves credit for not messing up the possibility.

What I give him the most credit for is his "Morning in America" campaign promise fulfilled. Despite the corniness, despite the scandals of his own administration, Reagan did make us believe in ourselves again. Believe in a brighter future. Believe that we could be the America, the people that we loved to see portrayed in movies. A place opens to all possibilities, of high ideals and an example for so much of the rest of the world.

Battered Country Syndrome, We Had Lost Our National Self-Confidence

When Bush1 was rumbling towards war with Iraq--and creating his brilliant coalition---did any of us think we would win so easily? I didn't and I know that I wasn't alone. Remember the national elation when our hockey team beat the Soviets in the Olympics? It was like the first thing that had gone right in a long time.

Well, circumstances gave our confidence a needed shot in the arm. We were the America we portrayed in John Wayne movies. Whether or not the war was necessary, or if Bush1 should have continued to Baghdad--is not for this article. But we did it, and we did it right, and maybe there was hope for us after all.

Republicans Don't Like Oral Sex, Maybe They Would Be Nicer If They Got Some

I'll skip through the glorious and bewildering Clinton years. I never understood how he was hounded and hounded by the Repugs here. I do now--they were laying the groundwork for their culture of fear. They were practicing the use of twisted words and half truths to promote their agenda.

The Bush Boys Pretend Like We Are Having A Third World Country Election and Pull It Off For Pappy

Before we knew what happened---an election was stolen. Here, in the land of the free and home of the brave. Then 9/11 and the country's emotional roller coaster ride began. The crass manipulations afterwards, the lies and half-truths overcame us so quickly we were blindsided and bewildered. It took quite a while to step back and really comprehend that it never should have happened. If the system we thought we had in place had worked, warnings listened to, fighters scrambled earlier, fewer people might have died. If we had a more vigilant president, a vice president who was less adept at promoting his own agenda and a better system in the FBI things might have been different that day.

Our President Was So Excited That He Had Found A Book That He Could Read He Forgot That He Was Commander In Chief

Remember the bizarre clip that quickly zoomed over the internet in the months that followed--showing the "Leader of the Free World" frozen in a chair in a classroom in Florida? It was chilling to hear later that Cheney was immediately taken to a bunker for his safety. Guess they weren't as worried about W's.

It was agonizing to see how many minutes he sat there after being told a second plane had hit. To listen to his ludicrous excuses of not wanting to leave because it would scare the schoolchildren. Talk about not being able to prioritize!

A Bunch Of Frat Boys and Draft Defer/Dodgerees Decide They Know More Than Anybody In The Whole Wide World

Before we had stopped reeling and had any idea what had really happened that day we were at war with Afghanistan. Then Iraq.

I believe that we hit our point of no return in Iraq right around the time the Administration was declaring 'Mission Accomplished'. To me, it all started with Fallujah. W and Cheney and Rumsfeld reacted so harshly to some minor insurgency they lit a fuse in a room full of combustibles. It has only escalated from there.

Our Holy President And His Cronies Show That They Are Like The Early Settlers Where They Forget About "Doing Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You" Concept

Now we are hated around the world. Our administration is drowning in its lies and cover-ups. They are PUSHING to torture prisoners. Imagine John Wayne defending these new ideals.

Did you ever think that we could change so quickly from being the light, the standard of freedom and fairness--even if flawed---to a country killing and maiming people BEFORE they have been found guilty of anything? Where the Executive branch is full of leaders so contemptuous of the American way they not only lie with impunity---they feel they are justified in doing so?

We Finally Got Over Viet Nam But We Will Never Get Over This Mess

Thousands of Americans have died or been permanently handicapped in a senseless war. Our military have been not been given the right equipment. They are living amid a mad world of suicide bombers. The Iraquis themselves, those people we went to help--their way of life and standard of living has been destroyed by our aid.

We Need A Young Luke Skywalker

If I remember my Star Wars details correctly, part of the Sith Code is that 'peace is a lie'. Right now it seems like the Dark Sith is in the places of power in the USA.

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