Thursday, December 29, 2005

Great Sources Of Information Worth Pursuing

The big news story continues to focus on Bush's approving NSA wiretaps on Americans while completely ignoring the judicial process. With the Congress and Senate adjourned for the holidays there is fear that the issue might be spun and buried by Republican leadership before they return.

I hope that this does not happen. I do believe that further investigation is crucial--both to our national confidence and world reputation. I am not alone. The ACLU ran a large ad in the NYT pointing out the parallel of Nixon's attitude towards the law and that of George W. Bush. I couldn't get it to reproduce here without throwing all the margins off. Just click below.
  • Nixon Bush Ad

  • You can visit the ACLU site and send a free e-card with the ad to anyone that you think might support this perspective. The address for the card is:
  • ACLU E-Card

  • On that same topic there is an excellent essay in rdf's blog diary on "Surveillance vs. Civil Liberties" at the TPM Cafe.
  • Civil Liberties

  • It's an articulate, well organized and easy to read piece on the issues and historical background of this type of surveillance. If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of this issue it is worth your time to click on the follow the address. TPM Cafe is located at the Talking Points Memo site.

    The complete text of the FISA law is available here:
  • Law Code: FISA

  • Finally, U. S. Representative John Conyers has a link to his page where you can obtain the newly compiled report by House Democrats. It covers the legal implications of how the country was led into war with Iraq.
  • Iraq Report

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